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Everyone seems to have a different name for it. My friend Angie calls it “corduroy weather.” Bonnie calls it weather for pumpkin spice lattes.

Me? I think it’s sweater weather. And when it comes to sweaters, What Not To Wear be damned, I’ll wear just about anything if it’s so soft, it makes me want to hug myself.

Like the hideous thing I wore yesterday (which, humorously, garnered two compliments from coworkers). I picked this thing up a few weeks ago at TJ Maxx, primarily because I liked the cut and I knew I could get a ton of use out of it during colder months. The building where I work has been remodeled so many times, the heating and cooling systems are all out-of-whack. So it might be so cold I pull out the lavender fleece blanket I keep in my bottom drawer (true story)  for three days straight, while the next three days have me pondering the value of sitting at my desk in my bra.

Which means, no matter the month on the calendar, I like to dress in layers at work. As such, dusters and boyfriend cardigans are the wardrobe equivalent of my best friend.

Now, back to the hideous sweater:  It’s a shorter duster, falling near the bottom of my tush. It fits like a dream and is the exact style I am regularly drawn toward.

But it’s hideous. It’s in this chevron pattern of white, black, Ultramarine Green and Olympian Blue (I turned in a story a week or two ago about incorporating Pantone’s Fall 2012 trendy colors into your wardrobe and makeup routine — that’s the only reason I know those full color names off the top of my head). The sweater is garish and over-the-top.

And so ridiculously soft. I love it so.

I paired it with the most boring outfit on the planet — black Banana Republic pants I found at Good Will for $4 and a plain white tank my mom shrunk last year and passed down to me. The sweater more than makes up for the boring, trust me. In fact, it almost looks … not bad. (I won’t say “good.” I can’t say “good.”)

Please tell me I’m not the only one who falls in love with ugly clothes …