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I watched the Emmys last night on a whim — I saw a friend’s Facebook post about it, said, “Oh, the Emmys are on tonight?” I’m a TV watcher (I heart “Big Bang Theory,” “Girls,” “Game of Thones,” and “Glee” best of all), but I have to say, I’m also a sucker for pretty dresses.

Awards shows are really nothing but the September issue of Vogue, but live. It’s better than a fashion show because the models can actually speak, and have facial expressions, and be normal.

The standout winner for the night? Yellow dresses. It’s such a hard color to wear, and based on the ladies who pulled it off, I’d say say it’s better for you porcelain dolls — five of the six here have that Snow White glow. Which means I should probably stay away from it. Maybe if it weren’t quite a highligher yellow …

Julie Bowen

Claire Danes

And Julianne Moore

Clearly, I’m not one to spend two hours glued to the TV, because I missed lots of other yellow lovelies:

Kaley Cuoco

Hannah Simone

Leslie Mann

Which lady do you think looked the best? My vote goes for Julie Bowen, though I seriously dig Leslie Mann’s turquoise earrings paired with her yellow frock.