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Last month’s Birchbox was an incredible one. I found three products that were worth the price of admission — but seeing as Birchbox products are higher end, I tend to allow myself one full-size purchase a month.

The first product is, simply, blue nail polish? Now, what’s so special about blue nail polish. It’s, I tell ya, the shade: a bright, cobalt blue I’ve never seen in polish-form before.

Long after my manicure looked polished, well into the ugly-chipped-nail stages of naildom, this polish was earning me compliments. From coworkers to employees checking me out at the grocery store or CVS, this polish got noticed and appreciated.

A pic of the manicure pre-chip. Look how pretty!

Awesome Product No. 2 was a type of foundation that felt more like a light-weight face cream. Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm  (temporarily out-of-stock, it’s that good) pimps itself as follows:

A moisturizer, sunscreen, and treatment serum all-in-one, this tinted BB cream even helps hide imperfections—so there’s no need for foundation or cover-up. Think of it as the Swiss Army Knife of your beauty cabinet.

Indeed, when I used Dr. Jart, I forewent foundation entirely. The texture seemed similar to the water-based glory that was Stainiac lip and cheek stain from a few boxes ago, and it didn’t clog my pores or make my face shiny, two important qualities in a foundation for this large-pored, oily-faced gal.

If you search for it on Birchbox, look up Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm.

Now, the best of the Birchbox crop last month is a no-hands-down contest: May I introduce you to LiQWd Professional Volumizing Catalyst? (Also, tellingly, out-of-stock.)

This product says it gives limp hair volume. Now … have you tried products that say they do this in the past? They never do. They might make your tresses smell nice for a minute, but other than a touch of perfume, so-called “volumizers” never deliver on their promises.

Not so with LiQWd. I spray the product on my towel-dried hair, brush it through, and either continue to blow-dry my  hair at night or let it air-dry if I’m feeling lazy. Either way, when I wake up in the morning, my hair is soft and (gasp) fluffy. It’s not flat on my head, looking limp and gross. It has body and, yes, volume.

If you look for it at Birchbox, look for “Liqwd volumizing.”

This is all to say … if you still don’t subscribe to Birchbox … GET ON IT. It’s the best $10 a month I spend. And if you actually take advantage of the program and buy the products, you rack up mad points. For every $1 spent through the site, you earn a point. For every sample product you review, you earn 10 points. Reach 100 points and get $10 to spend on anything throughout the site. (There are minimal exempt products. I’m looking at you, Dior Miss Dior.)

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