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Jeff and I are avid Blockbuster fans. We don’t want to rent movies by mail, because then you have to predict on Wednesday what you’ll want to watch on Saturday. Redbox is cool, but the selection is beyond lacking, especially for two people who like browsing sections other than “new releases” once in a while.

When I moved to town, there were three — maybe four? — Blockbusters. They closed one-by-one, until there was a last remaining store, the one near our house. When we wouldn’t rent anything for too long, one of us would inevitably tell the other, “Ack, we have to go to Blockbuster and make sure they stay in business.”

Plus, we like the employees. There are two in particular who always seem to be working. They’re friendly, knowledgeable and fun to chat with.

Saturday, we took off for Blockbuster, to rent, “That scary movie we both wanted to see in theaters but never did.”

“Which one was that?” Jeff didn’t remember.

“Remember? We saw a commercial that it was out last week. What was it called?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“They’ll know at Blockbuster.” And off we went.

As soon as we drove past the store, we saw it: The giant “STORE CLOSING” banner that made us both claw at the car windows, shouting “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”


Neither of our favorite employees was there, replaced by too-happy strangers who were probably brought in by corporate to pretend that a store closing was a good thing. We walked out empty-handed and moping.

We drove to Redbox, which was no help, and figured we’d try to find something on OnDemand. (Success: It was “The Raven.” Duh, Jac.)

My “NOOOOOO, don’t leave me!!” moment No. 2 happened this morning on the way to work. Remember Tila? The woman who made me a believer in alterations? (Here, refresh your memory.)

This morning, I saw her store was empty with big ol’ Realtor signs in the window. But … but … who’s gonna alter my wedding dress??? (Yeah, I can bring it back to David’s Bridal, but more often than not, they’re rude as heck to me there. I’ve had a single good experience there in my life, and let’s just say it was NOT the day I bought my wedding dress. If you’re interested, I detailed that back on Snap, Crackle, Pop here.)

So yeah. This a.m., I’m bummed. I’m tellin’ you, if the Penn Station down the street from me closes, I’m taping myself to the window, Jessie-and-Kelly style.

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