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Somewhere in the midst of the happy-gasm that was happening in my brain from the September issues of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, I realized that I had a major crush on orange eye shadow.

Which seemed weird. It not obviously an easy color to pull off. But something about the brightness intrigued me. Plus, on the model, it didn’t look far off from a sweep of brown — albeit, a brighter, much cooler brown.

So I did something I cannot remember ever doing before: I went to the drug store specifically to buy eye shadow. No joke, I had not bought a single shadow in my makeup bag. Mom likes to buy makeup on clearance, and when I want something new, I tend to go in her Makeup Bag Of Unopened Goodness and pick something pretty. (I’m not complaining.) So to seek something out I wanted to try was a new thing for this 29 year old.

On my first attempt, I wished for the bravery to buy this:

Maybelline’s Color Tattoo shadow in “Fierce and Tangy.” All the ads show that this stuff is BRIGHT, and it frightened me. After walking up and down the makeup aisle more times than I care to admit, I settled on a bright bronze, Maybelline’s Expert Wear in Copper Craze:


It’s not orange, no. But it’s definitely bright but not obnoxious enough to need to save for the weekends. I wear this to work quite a bit. It pairs nicely with a swipe of black eyeliner on the bottom and mascara up top.

After a few days of Copper Craze, I realized I wasn’t satisfied. I still wanted orange. Enter Cover Girl’s Eye Enhancers quad in Tropical Fusion:

Yes, the colors appear crazy, but hear me out: That orange? Beautiful. It’s not so bright that it dominates, but when you put it on, it’s clear you’re wearing orange shadow, and it’s oddly flattering on my olive skin tone. The blue and aqua work beautifully as eyeliners — I use them on top and bottom, and they pair well with the orange — and that lime green is probably the best highligher shade I’ve ever used. I put it just below my eyebrow and would smudge it in the inner corners of my eye if it wouldn’t mess up the shadow-as-eyeliner.

I get more compliments on my eye makeup when I do this combo that I ever had before. So let me give this little Cover Girl collection two polished thumbs up.

Do you have a go-to makeup routine? Or do you like to switch it up? Are there any trends you’re dying to try but think you can’t pull it off?