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I bought my first Christmas gifts in August (this is the norm for me), and they have started piling up in a corner of my studio.

Yesterday, I added to the pile, finding gifts for two friends. Now, Apartment Living Jaclyn would have kept those gifts in the bag against the wall in the family room for the next two months.

But Living With A Boy Jaclyn wants to be nicer than that.

So I dragged the big box o’ wrapping paper out from under our bed into the living room, and I pulled out two small Christmas-themed boxes. And, yes, I wrapped two gifts.

Julie Ann Art (click on the pic for more)

“You should be so proud of me,” I told Jeff, who was glued to the first NBA games of the season.

“Why’s that?”

“See what I did?” and I showed him the boxes. “If I lived alone, these would stay in the bag for the next month and a half. But I don’t want to do that to you, so they’re all neat and wrapped so I can put them in my office.”

Ah, the little compromises you make. (I know, I know, “compromises” my ass — I was thrilled to have a legitimate excuse to dig out Christmas wrapping stuff in October.)

What things did you start to do differently when you moved in with your other so as to minimize the annoying factor?