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The collection started years ago, undoubtedly with a wrapped pair or two under the tree from Mom or Santa (yeah, I still get gifts from Santa, what of it?!)

And from there, it grew. And grew. And grew.

Until today, when I have 14 pairs of Christmas socks. That’s enough to wear a different pair every day for two weeks.

Yes, they take up an entire corner of my sock drawer, larger than my row of black socks or tan socks. (I just moved in this summer and am trying desperately to keep my drawers from turning into the knots of crap they did at the apartment. So far, so good.)

Because I have so many pairs, it’s only natural that Jac’s Christmas Sock Season start in November.

Today, I kicked it off with a gray number with red and lime green polka dots, with a curious little reindeer in the ankular area.

And I’m one to share the wealth. A few Chirstmases ago, after opening something like five pairs of holiday socks, I gave a pair to my cousin who, bless her heart, came over with no socks on. In the Midwest. On Dec. 25. She wears them every year to my parents’ house for Christmas now.

I also bought the almost-sister-in-law a pair the first holiday I celebrated with Jeff when she admitted she had none.

And, somehow, the bestie says she’s Christmas sockless, so you know there’ll be a pair in the mail to her sooner rather than later. (Steph, if you read this, sorry to ruin the surprise.)

I’ve been told I’m an old soul with a young spirit. File this under “really young spirit.”

* * *

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