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I feel like I’ve been discovering a lot of new “favorites” in recent weeks, be it in food, jewelry or color. I’ve always found it interesting how tastes can change. There was a time when I would not touch, with a 39 1/2-foot pole, a hamburger or blue cheese. Now, I love hamburgers, but only with a single topping: blue cheese.

We’re weird folks, us humans.

Some of my current obsessions which did not exist four months ago:

* Avgolemono, the fancy Greek word for lemon chicken rice soup (or “egg lemon”). It started with a picture on Facebook. A local restaurant had it on special and posted an image. I promptly left work and picked up my lunch. Holy amazingness. For the uninitiated, avgolemono is a thick, bright yellow soup made with rice or orzo. It will have tiny, melt-in-your-mouth shreds of chicken, and it will be lemony. Oh, so very lemony. I’ve had it at three different places in town since, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, and it’s all delicious.

And because I received a pronunciation lesson from a Greek restaurant owner today: It’s  AV-guh-luh-MO-no. Or if you wanna say it like a Hoosier: AV-guh-LEMON-oh.

Yummmm. Pic from Girl with Spoon. Click on the pic to be taken to the blog. And if you make her recipe, don’t you dare ruin this glorious soup with dill! (I wonder if my taste on THAT yucky flavor will ever change?)

* Yellow gold jewelry has been the stuff wrinkled noses are made of for years now. I haven’t loathed it as much as some, but I definitely prefer me some bright, modern, white gold. Recently, an interest in yellow gold has sneaked up on me. I just finished making my bridesmaid jewelry, and it’s all shiny, gorgeous yellow gold-toned and purple. I have a new favorite ring courtesy of Kohl’s  that is this giant green glass prism (you should see what the sun does to it on the roof of my car, preeeety) set in yellow gold-toned sterling.

I used and abused a 20 percent off Kohl’s coupon a few days ago. I was all done shopping when I spotted this glorious green monstrosity. I don’t think I even slowed down — I just grabbed it and continued my way to the checkout line.

* Breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches. I think it’s a Hoosier thing, as I’d never heard of one until moving here. For those not in the know: The sandwich is exactly as you would think — a pork tenderloin that is breaded — but it’s a little larger than you’re thinking. Yes, it uses a traditionally sized hamburger bun. But the tenderloin itself is pounded paper thin, which means it closely resembles a dinner plate by the time it’s brought out for your dining pleasure. I got a hella good one last night and forgot to snap a pic, so, if I may …

And, without sounding too “That’s what she said,” I’ve seen bigger. This is from an Indianapolis restaurant, posted in a forum giving some major bpt love. Click on the pic for more.

Your turn. What are you currently loving that, once upon a time, you loathed or didn’t even know it existed?

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