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Considering my love of sites like Groupon, HauteLook, The Plaid Barn and other websites that give you online deals, it was only a matter of time before I ran into troubles.

And in this case, trouble came in twos. (Right? Please tell me that’s it and there’s not a third trouble lurking out there.)

The first issue came yesterday when I received a rose gold love knot ring from HauteLook. I’ve been on the lookout for a love knot ring for ages, and I was so happy when I found a beautiful one a few weeks ago. It was in rose gold and slim — but not so slim it looked like it’d bend, as many styles tend to be — and the knot was perfectly formed.

I haven’t figured out how to pull images from HauteLook, so here’s an example of a loveknot ring on Etsy. Very lovely, but very TINY, as most rings in this style are. I’m afraid I’d bend the crap out of it. (Click on the pic for more.) Also, finding a loveknot ring in rose gold is hard to do — another reason I was so excited for the HauteLook one.

I received my package yesterday and giddily opened it to find … an ugly ring.

Oh, I guess it’s not THAT bad. But it’s not the ring I ordered. The gold is very thick and chunky. It didn’t seem as well-made as the ring I thought I’d purchased.

Then I noticed something: On my receipt, the brand was listed as “N’Lux,” which is what was listed on the HauteLook deal I bought. The ring itself, however, came in a bag with a sticker that said “Beyond Rings.”

I don’t think I’m on crack — I think they actually DIDN’T send me the ring I purchased.

The item is nonreturnable, which is fine; I don’t want to return it. I want to send it back and get the ring I ordered. I emailed the company yesterday. Here’s hoping there’s a good resoluation.

My second issue with buying online came this morning. I found a Living Social deal for a photo calendar at $10 each. I bought two to give as gifts. The fine print told me I’d have to pay $5.99 in shipping. A little steep, but I’m OK with that.

After I purchased the deal, I received a confirmation email. Which told me I had to pay $5.99 in shipping for each calendar, as each would have to be a separate transaction. Um … I’m not paying $12 to ship $20 worth of calendars to the same address (mine). I’m just not.

So I contacted Living Social and asked if I could cancel the order, because the fine print didn’t tell me all I needed to know before making the purchase.

No idea if EITHER of these complaints will be fruitful, but I feel pretty justified in my frustration. I’m a good customer at both sites, so I’m not just being a butthead. My continued loyalty to the companies will largely depend on how the companies handle the issue: If I’m wrong, convince me. If I’m right, fix the problem. I hope it doesn’t come to me deleting my accounts. I kind of adore both these sites.

Have you ever stopped shopping somewhere because of an issue you feel wasn’t properly resolved?

I’ll keep you updated on how HauteLook and Living Social handing these issues.