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As you may remember from my post Stupid Online Shopping, I’ve recently had some issues with, well, online shopping and, specifically, customer service.

Well, my issues have been resolved, and I like to give credit to some awesome service.


First off, THANK YOU Living Social. After I purchased two photo calendars, I realized that the S&H would cost more than the calendars, which was not specified in the fine print. I brought this to Living Social’s attention and voila: I was refunded my money, no hassle, no questions, no problem.

Second, my HauteLook misunderstanding was, in fact, a misunderstanding. I thought I had been sent the wrong ring when the brand of the ring was no where on the packaging. Turns out my ring was the correct brand, N’Luxe, and the name on the packaging, Beyond Rings, referenced not the brand but the event. (As in, I bought the ring has part of the Beyond Rings event, which carried a variety of brands, including N’Luxe.)

The trick here was getting a real human to email me back. HauteLook’s go-to customer service problem set-up is via its website. No one responded to me until after I bugged them a second time, and they immediately said “Here’s your refund. As soon as you send the ring back, you’ll get your money.”

I responded and said, no, I don’t want to return my ring, I want to get the RIGHT ring. That’s when they sent me to an actual person who could explain what happened. I opted to keep the ring — even if it doesn’t look how I thought it did, it IS a love knot ring in a rose gold color, which is not easy to find. Customer service told me it would refund me 20 percent for the problems and credit my account $10. I received the credit but no refund. I’m not about to quibble over 20 percent, but the whole thing — including the resolution which was not completely followed through — has left me cautious about returning.

On a similar note: Ever go to Dunkin Donuts? I do, at least once a week. They have the greatest hot chocolate ever. On a recent trip, my hot chocolate did not taste right. It was watery and kind of tasteless. So I filled out the survey on my receipt — which I do about half the time — and questioned if the company had changed its hot chocolate recipe.


Earlier this week, I received a phone call from someone at my local Dunkin to apologize for the issue. He told me that’s what happens when the chocolate powder runs low on the machine, and he apologized that it wasn’t caught sooner. He got my address and set me coupons for a free drink and a free sandwich.

Which was pretty awesome. I’ve been there since my icky hot chocolate, and it was fine and delicious, so I figured it was a fluke thing. But I hugely appreciated an employee taking the time out to call me and tell me what had happened.