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So apparently, the world is going to end tomorrow. (Or not.)

I decided to come up with ways to spend your potential last (or just another) day on earth.

  1. Go see The Hobbit. It’s nearly three hours, but it doesn’t leave you checking your watch. If the world explodes mid-movie, you’ll be utterly oblivious to it.
  2. Go skydiving. I mean, if you’re gonna die anyway … (For the record, there is absolutely nothing you could do or promise me to get me to do this. You could say “Stephen King will take you to dinner if you jump out this plane,” and I would say,  “Mr. King will be dining alone.”)
  3. Kiss.
  4. Laugh. It’s the second best thing you can do with your mouth. (I heard this once and think it’s adorable.)
  5. Apologize.
  6. Turn on the Charlie Brown Christmas CD, light a few candles, get a soft blanket and drink some hot chai on the couch.
  7. Give a hug. I remember once in high school hearing Oprah say everyone needed seven a day for a happier life. I don’t know anyone who gets seven hugs a day. Maybe the mom of a toddler might.