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I just added some new friendship sets to Jac & Elsie, and I’m way excited about it, as these are the first new goodies in more than a month.

Now, two of the three sets are pretty similar to one another, and I’m torn which I should keep in the shop. I figure I’ll base it on sales, but I have to ask you, happy readers: Which bow necklace do we like better?

Do we like the bows that look as though they are made from a rope? There is a spot to hang a custom colored bead from the knot of each bow. With the set of two, one is a bright silver color and one is a bright gold color. Both hang from gold-toned chains.

Or, do we prefer the bowtie charms? The are a lot simpler, but there’s not as obvious of a way to customize them. One charm is bronze-toned, the other, an antiquated silver-toned. Each hangs from a bronze-toned chain.

I’m happy to keep both in the shop, but I have a sneaking suspicion one will do a lot better than the other. Leave me a comment: Which do you like better??

(And in case you’re wondering, the third set I posted in the shop yesterday is an XOXO hugs and kisses set.)