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One of my favorite blog-related end-of-the-year reviews is checking out how people found me. My general WordPress roundup was pretty uninteresting, as I’ve been blogging at Curious Jac for mere months (I started in September) (I’m still wondering if I was smart or not to ditch Snap, Crackle, Pop — I’m still going with “yes.” For now).

As I browse through search terms, some of them tickle me. Some baffle me. But hey, at least people are finding me.

I bring you: The top three funniest/strangest phrases people have used to find me me since I started Curious Jac, in no particular order:

  1. how to tailor a dress around boobs (definitely not a problem I have)
  2. non-isosceles trapezoid food (um … OK)
  3. kaley cuoco armpit sweat (I am nearly certain I have never written about Penny’s armpit sweat)

Hey man, I’m not judging …