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To reiterate: I’m getting married in 100 days.

Thank the effing stars.

To say I’m impatient is like saying Harry Potter is a wizard. The only appropriate response is, “… Well, yeah. Duh.”

Two hundred seventy? Psh. One hundred, baby! (Also, um, how cute is that?)

But it’s crazy to think that, starting tomorrow, we’re down to a double-digit countdown. Which has me thinking of all the crazy stuff that’s all kinds of motion right now. In no particular order:

  1. One more time: 100 DAYS.
  2. The invitations are printed (the graphic designer beau designed them. They’re GORGEOUS) and waiting to be stuffed. Hopefully, I remember to stop at the post office today or tomorrow so we can stamp the tiny RSVP envelopes and subsequently get the larger envelopes stuffed.
  3. I went for my dress fitting yesterday with my friend Sara. The alterations folks were surprised I was doing it so early. But basically, I am the size I am. Oh sure, the week before the wedding I’ll make sure I have a flat belly (no pop, minimal dairy), but I’m not going to be doing anything crazy to drop down a whole size or two. Jeff fell in love with me when I was an 8, and now I’m an 8/10. I’m cool with that. (I eat when I’m happy. Jeff put 10 pounds on me.)
  4. Shower No. 1 is next month. 
  5. My almost-sister-in-law sent me some pics of my almost-nieces in their flower girl dresses, and I about squealed. So stinkin’ cute. (One flower girl’s reaction to the dress: “I love it just so much.”

* * *

All of which is to say: I’m a bouncing ball of happy right about now.