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I asked some of my favorite bloggers to share their romantic stories with me so I can bring you some Valentine’s Day cuteness. I’ll be running them through Thursday. If you have a story you’d like to share — about anything from how you met or what your first kiss was like to that sweet thing that happened last week in the grocery store —  just send it to me! Keep it at about 200 words, and be sure to include a photo of you and your beloved. Email me at jaclyn1423@yahoo.com.

First up, Meghan from Phase Three of Life.

* * *

For our first date, Mike invited me to a fancy wine bar in Scottsdale. He picked me up in his little tan Corolla and drove me to Scottsdale. We parked, we walked. And walked and walked.

He couldn’t find the wine bar. It was as though it had disappeared off the face of the Earth. We started giggling. We walked and giggled. He insisted it was close by, we giggled some more. We did finally find the door, but I don’t remember much about what we found inside.  I’m sure the wine was good, but I mostly remember walking and searching and giggling.

It’s been almost exactly eight years since that night. In those years, Mike and I have dated, married and had a child. Our little boy is nearly 2 1/2 years old now. And now, we are embarking on our greatest adventure yet. We are moving back East to be closer to our families. We want more children. We have so much ahead of us.

But behind us? Behind us, we have laughter.

That’s how I know I have my soul mate. That’s how I know we’ll always choose happiness. Because whether or not we find the wine bar, we’ll laugh.