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Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers, Kate, who agreed to talk about her man, Nate, to help Curious Jac celebrate Valentine’s Day. Find Kate at Suburban Sweetheart.

* * *

We hardly knew one another, but looking back on our Facebook wall posts from 2007 to 2010 (ain’t technology grand?), it’s obvious we were interested in one another. All the posts were along the same theme:

“Visit me?”

“I’m in your area for a few months. We need to hang out!”

“Maybe we can meet up sometime soon?”

“Stop being so far away and on a boat!”

I met Nathan, my cousin’s best friend, on a family vacation while I was in college in Ohio. At the time, he was working at a grocery store in Virginia, though he soon joined the Coast Guard and moved to New England. He deployed for six months at a time, almost totally unreachable as he sailed the high seas and defended the coast, so we kept in touch through Facebook posts and the occasional snail-mail letter. We saw each other in person again only once.

Within a few years, I was living in Washington, D.C., and he was restationed to New Hampshire, deploying for only two months at a time (and with considerably better Internet access!). We started emailing one another almost daily, talking about our jobs and our families and our lives, but still, we never figured out how to make a real-life visit work. Then, on Fourth of July weekend in 2010, he told me he was coming to D.C. to visit my cousin and their friends – and me. We met up at a crowded bar, him with a whiskey on the rocks and me with a beer, both of us a little bit dressed up and a lot nervous.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


The first photo ever taken of Kate and Nathan.