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None of these thoughts are blog-worthy on their own, but together, they might make up some sort of This Is What’s On My Mind today mashup.

* I want an emerald green handbag, and I don’t want to spend $200 on it.
* I hope Jeff doesn’t sell his Jeep before springtime so we can get one more drive-in movie theater outing out of it.
* Peplum is ugly unless you are a professional model. (Someone had to say it.)

And frankly, even if you are a model, it ain’t all that and a bag o’ potato chips. Not one of these outfits is awesome.

* I hope it doesn’t snow too badly on Friday so I don’t get snowed in and have to miss my own bridal shower.
* “Thrift Shop” is my new favorite song. That sax is beyond infectious. “I wear your granddad’s clothes. I look incredible” makes me laugh every time.

* I wish I had more hair so I could do a better top o’ the head bun. Because a top bun (awesome and pretty) is but a short leap from a top knot (yucky and weird). (And I don’t care what anyone says, they’re two totally different looks.)

Bun (pretty)

Knot (weird)













* Speaking of hair, I cannot wait to get mine cut. I want my bangs back. Instead of the blunt, straight-across style I like so much, maybe I’ll go more rounded this time? I’ve got my eye on you, end-of-May. (I’m keeping my hair long and bangless for the wedding, after which point I will, like millions of brides before me, chop away.)
* Jeff is going out with friends tonight. It’s snowing. I wish Steak ‘n Shake would deliver my chili 5-way  no sauce for dinner.