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See that? It’s a link so I can claim my blog on Bloglovin, my new home for reading blogs. I love the simplicity of Google Reader, and I hate having to get used to a new format (you wouldn’t know it, but I quite like change — apparently just not with readers. Weird).

I see a lot of folks swear by Bloglovin, so I figured I’d give it a go.

Here’s wishing everyone a glorious weekend. I’m going to Jeff’s niece’s … no … I need to get this right … I’m going to MY niece’s fifth birthday party out-of-town tomorrow. It’s a few hours away, and we’ll crash there for some game night’ing after. She has two sisters, so it’s always a bustle of crazy when we visit.

My favorite photo of the birthday girl. My sister-in-law had a Jac & Elsie party at their house last year, and Kate, who is a jewelry lover to the nth degree, couldn’t stop looking at all the sparklies. So I decked her out. Isn’t my mascot adorbs? That sassy little hand on the hip cracks me up.