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Today was a low-key Easter, and it was so nice. My next few weekends are definitely going to be busy (bridal shower No. 2 and a bachelorette party, eep!), and the lounging around lazy bit was delicious.

Naturally, I’ve been thinking about previous Easters and some of my favorites. Two details come to mind.

My birthday is two weeks from today, and often, Easter falls the day after it. Growing up. my family usually had the holiday at our house in conjunction with my birthday. I have a memory (and who knows if it’s from my actual mind or simply because the moment was caught on homevideo and I’ve been able to rewatch it), of sitting on my aunt Jo’s lap. It was time to cut the cake, and she was going to help me. The knife had just come from the dishwasher, and it was HOT. So I grabbed it … and promptly dropped it.

It landed on the table, but this was step one where I swear, it looked like I was trying to kill my poor aunt. My mom wrapped the knife in a towel, and Aunt Jo and I both picked it up — when I proceeded to straighten my arm and wave it around like a lunatic to get her to let go.

Small child waving  around big knife like  a windmill.

Today, it is my cousin’s birthday. He is 28. We are the two oldest cousins on my father’s side of the family. And yet I have very vivid memories of being a high school senior — Mike was a sophomore, and the others were in junior high, grade school — going on Eater egg hunts in my grandparents’ back yard.

This was taken this past Thanksgiving and includes six cousins, five of whom would participate in the Knock Down Drag Out Easter egg hunts (Joey always had better things to do, like drink pop). The other three are boyfriends and the fiance.

Yes, my aunts would hide eggs for their children and nieces and nephews — until we were old enough to by lotto tickets and porn. And we would go on those Easter egg hunts like pros. There was tackling and racing and shouting and fist-pumps of glee. I swear, I enjoyed the hunt more as a near-adult than I ever did as a legitimate kid.

What are your favorite Easter memories?