Today is my last day at my job.

Next week, I will start a new job in an entirely different field, trading a job in a dying industry (journalism) to one that will never go away (marketing). I have many, many, thoughts about this.

This is not the post for them. (It’s coming.)

Instead, this is the post where I try to figure out what the hell happened since new year.

If I may reiterate, between the first of the year and today, I’ve had two bridal showers, three dress fittings, a handful of trips to my parents’ and three interviews for a new job.

Today, after I leave the desk that has been MY desk for nearly five years, I’m driving to Cincinnati, for my bachelorette party, which has guests traveling from Phoenix, Indianapolis, northeast Ohio and Louisville, in addition to those who already live in southwest Ohio.

Saturday, we will party like it’s my last single-girl hurrah.

Sunday, I will turn 30.

Tuesday, I will start my  new job.

Two and a half weeks after that, I will get married.

Two days later, I will leave the country for a week and a half.

Then, when it is mid-May, my life will get boring again (she says in a hopeful manner).