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Today, I’m welcoming in my 30th birthday in style: I’m probably waking up with makeup smeared all over my face, while  friends are scattered throughout the house, coming-to in various states of disarray.

Ah, the morning after a bachelorette party.

On Facebook this month, I’ve been devoting my statuses to one thing I learned in my 20s per day. It’s an interesting little list, if I do say so myself, that I thought I’d chronicle here:

1. Good whiskey should never be mixed with anything, not even ice cubes.

2. I enjoy cooking, especially a recipe with ingredients I’ve never used before.

3. Jealousy is the ugliest thing you can wear. This lesson certainly started in my teens, but my 20s were for realizing how truly toxic it is.

4. As much as I adore my “new” living situation (I moved in with Jeff last summer), living alone was wonderful. There is no better way to get to know oneself than to occupy one’s own space, alone. I feel like it made me a better partner, and a better person, to appreciate my own company.

5.  Just because a person is an adult does not mean he or she doesn’t have the capacity to revert to being a immature junior high snob. And man, I hated junior high. I used to think, “God, I can’t wait to be adults and people will be OVER this.” Yeah, doesn’t always happen.

6. Karaoke is awesome.

On my “blush” lesson, a friend lamented that she still hasn’t mastered this, due in part to years of stage makeup. Now every time I think of her going out, she will look like this in my mind.

7. My 20s taught me the true worth, the true importance, of a woman’s girl friends.

8. No matter how good of friends you were, no matter how much you may miss this person, when it comes to staying friends with an ex (the real kind, where you visit with one another and chat regularly on the phone), Just Say No.

9.  I’m an introvert. Not wildly so, but enough that I’ve noticed. I’m happy solo and prefer the company of one or two people to a large group.

10. The best way to stop yourself from crying so hard you’re hyperventilating is to go in the shower and let the water hit you on the face. It forces you to concentrate on your breathing and not whatever it is you’re upset about. Not an awesome lesson, but a good thing to know.

11.  I can officially put on blush without looking like a clown. (This lesson, embarrassingly, came closer to birthday No. 30 than No. 20.)

12. This kind of reiterates something I assumed in my teens, and that is, when it’s time to make a change in your life, it’s important to have the bravery to do whatever is necessary to make that change.

13. It’s my bachelorette party day, and I’m out of state. Do you really think I signed on Facebook just for a nugget of wisdom? I think not.

14. See above.