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When Jeff and I realized how much we would be spending on our honeymoon, we immediately started to look for ways we could cut back on other spending. The first thing I brought up was, “I don’t need a wedding band.”

My engagement ring is awesome. I love it. The sides of it are the best part, so I wouldn’t want to hide them. Plus, there’s this little raised area a  jeweler pointed out would rub away over time if I paired another ring next to it. (He suggested nicking off the tip of it so a band could fit UNDER the raised portion. I did not tell him what I thought of him trying to alter my amazing ring …)

So when Jeff and I said our “I dos,” I slipped a beautiful, shiny gold band on his left-hand ring finger (after putting it on his right-hand ring finger, realizing my mistaking, and uttering, “Oh, shit”), and he slipped my engagement ring on my finger.

Which is a-OK.

For our honeymoon, I had no intention of bringing along my diamond. I had images of it sliding off while we were snorkeling and a sea turtle eating it up. I knew a howler monkey would break into our room and make off with it like a sneaky little bandit. I suspected it would fall off my hand as I brought the piña colada to my mouth at the Caribbean coast.

So I bought a fake one. I found the biggest, fakest, gaudiest thing at Charming Charley I could, and I brought it to Belize. But even that, I left in the room most times. (No howler monkeys broke into our room, unfortunately.)

Don't be jeal.

Don’t be jeal.

And when we got home and I got back into life, something felt wrong. I wanted to be wearing a ring at all times. Yes, I wear my engagement ring every day, but I don’t shower in it. I don’t sleep in it. If we were to go camping, I wouldn’t wear it. And I wanted something I could wear at these times and all others.

So I turned to — where else? — Etsy. I did a search for stacking rings because I knew I wanted something

a) incredibly slim, and

b) inexpensive.

When Jeff said, “Til death do we part,” this is not the ring he slid on my hand, so it’s not like I had to have some kind of crazy sentiment behind it. I just wanted something on my finger to say, “I’m covered in dirt on this hiking trail, and I have so many mosquito bites I resemble a pepperoni pizza, but my dude still loves me — cause he HAS to. Cause he’s MARRIED to me. Poor schmuck.”

Enter Blue Sunflowers, an Etsy shop full of dainty, beautiful jewelry. And I found these rings. And I said, “It’s beautiful. I can get it in rose gold. It’s tiny. With shipping, it comes to less than $20. It’s plated, so it’ll last, but if I want a new one in a year, I don’t feel like I’m ditching something all fancy pantsy.”


When I wear it with my engagement ring, you can barely see it.


And when I wear it by itself, you know what it says?

photo (1)

This is a ball hammered ring in rose gold.

It says, I’m so in love, I decided to stop looking for anything better, cause it probably doesn’t exist. And if it DOES exist? I’m not even interested.

Everyone keeps asking me, “What’s it feel like to be a newlywed?” Honestly, it feels like being an engaged person. I moved in with Jeff the month after he asked me to marry him, so things haven’t actually changed.

Except they have. And now, I feel like I have the jewelry to show it.

Do you have separate rings for your engagement and wedding? Do you wear them together always? Ever one at a time? I have to say, I do like the idea that, should I want to buy a few more Blue Sunflower stacking rings, I can choose to add this band to the mix.