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I’m totally geeking out right now, peeps.


Next month, Jac & Elsie will be featured in its very first magazine feature!!

VEIN is a Boston magazine, and next month will be its second issue. The magazine’s editor-in-chief contacted me through Etsy to see if I’d be interested in participating. Um, is Gerard Butler the best looking man everrrrr? (Answer: Hells to the yeah. And these.)

These are the earrings to be featured:

And here are some behind-the-scenes photos Wendy released:

I’m completed floored by all of this, and I’m so, so honored that such a beautifully designed photo shoot and magazine wanted to feature lil ol’ moi.

There’s more to come on this process — the magazine doesn’t come out until next month — but I couldn’t NOT tell you guys yet!