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This morning, the sun is shining. The sky is that perfect blue, and it’s a good-to-be-alive kind of day. Considering how much rain we’ve had lately, the sunshine is especially precious this a.m.

After work, Jeff and I are going to a friend’s parents’ lakehouse for a boat ride and a late dinner. I’ve been itching to get to a lake all summer, and I’m little-kid-at-Christmas excited. The weekend isn’t scheduled at all, which is just how I like my weekends (it rarely happens). Our area’s largest festival kicks off this weekend, and the best part of it is Saturday and Sunday: the flea market.

This festival also means it’s time for my yearly fried Oreos. If you’ve had them, you must know they’re glorious, and if you’re wrinkling your nose at how gross that sounds, that probably means you just haven’t had them. The Oreo liquifies, so when you bite into the batter, you are eating molten, delightful chocolate. And then they sprinkle powdered sugar on top. It’s not a treat I need to eat more than once a year, but when that one time comes around, it makes for a happy Jaclyn.

Thinking out these simple lil happinesses this morning, I put on one of my all-time favorite CDs in the car, Jason Mraz’s Mr. A-Z. The first song is one I did not like at first. “Life is Wonderful” starts out in a way that is almost silly. It seems too simple to be anything more than a passing listen. But after hearing it dozens of times, I now appreciate the message. The music is lovely, and the song brings me a smile every time.

I hope it brings a smile to your Friday, too. What’s on your weekend agenda? (Also, because I know you tend to read this … let me wish Joyce another happy birthday 🙂 )

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