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Shamelessly stealing this from Just A Normal Mom (thanks, Ally!!)

Currently I’m:

READING Somerset Maugham’s “Of Human Bondage.” Yes, still. Leave me alone, this thing is more than 650 pages!! But I still love it. I discovered Maugham on our honeymoon. Our resort was very eco friendly and didn’t even have a radio in the room, let alone a TV or wifi — but it DID have a mini library, including a collection of Maugham’s short stories and shorter novels.

Naturally, I had to read a book from the honeymoon library, and I discovered that I really dig Maugham. (I am always excited to discover I like an older writer — I tend to loathe the formality in those sorts of books.) When we got back from the honeymoon, I chose to read “Of Human Bondage” for the very lame reason of, it was the book of his I’d heard of.

It’s a fascinating read. I love the main character, Phillip. It has my most loathed villain in novel history, topping even “Under the Dome’s” Big Jim. I love the life lessons Phillip learns, from his (non)belief in God, his view of what makes a “good” painting, the importance of friendship, the meaning of life. At less than 100 pages left, I hope to finish this weekend … and then promptly read something like “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” for the fourth or fifth time).

LISTENING TO ’90s music and realizing I really dislike boy bands (except Boyz II Men, they’re still my fav).

Holy crap, look what exists.

THINKING ABOUT Cory Monteith, Trayvon Martin and that Rolling Stone cover. Many lives lost much too soon.

WATCHING summertime shows: So You Think You Can Dance and MasterChef. I don’t have a favorite dancer yet, but I don’t see how Jessie can’t win MasterChef. And I reeeeally can’t wait until Natasha gets kicked off the show. She red-flagged herself for me in the earliest episodes by talking about how gorgeous she is. It was so braggy it made her immediately unattractive. She comes across as a really nasty person. (I haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, so if they kick Natasha off … don’t tell me yet!!)

LOVING this weather. After the rainiest summer ever, we’ve moved into its dredges — humid, heavy air that thinks it’s 90 degrees but feels in the triple digits. Frankly, I love it. I loath being cold (unless I’m sleeping under many, many blankets) and I like the feeling of the air on my skin. The pressure is pleasing. Also, again … I loath being cold.