Yesterday on the radio, a DJ told me it is National Tell a Girl She is Beautiful Day. I figure it’s bs, even if it was a trending topic on Twitter.

However, I’m biting. I have some truly beautiful women in my life, and they deserve to be told. And I’m telling them publicly in an effort to get you to tell all your beautiful women what you think about them, too.

So here we go:

Three things that are beautiful
about some of the favorite women in my life


  • I like your eyes. They’re very big, and when you smile, they smile. It’s hard to find a good eyeball picture of you because you’re wearing giant sunglasses in like all your Facebook pics. But I like them.
  • Your brain. It’s my favorite. I recently told Jeff that when it comes to flat out interesting/meaningful/important conversations, you and I have the best. (Not to bash our in-depth convos on the ick that is chambray, but having someone to talk about “the important stuff” is nice, especially when that person is as well-spoken as you are.)
  • And … well, you have to know where this is going, right? I mean, this is not the first time I’ve told you that you have a great rack.


  • You have pretty hair. Most girls who are so fabulously blond get their locks out of a bottle. But your hair is like wheat, with all the right high- and lowlights.
  • Your cheekbones are perfect. When you smile, they get all bubbly and delightful.
  • Your spirit. You have just about the sweetest, most genuine one I’ve ever encountered. Your heart is soft, and that’s beautiful.


  • I’ve always loved your smile. Seriously, I feel like your mouth could be in a lipstick commercial. (That sounded weird …)
  • Your family. It’s as much a part of you as your extremities, and they’re welcoming, funny and loving. (Your mom might be the only mom on the planet I could tell “I wish it was your toilet I had clogged!” and then have her agree with me.)
  • Just … your insides. You light up a room. When I think about “beautiful brides,” you’re always at the top of the list. You had that inexplicable inner glow that day. And then, the only person smiling as much as me on my wedding day was you. I mean, you smiled more than the groom. (Note to people that don’t know the groom: That is not to say he was grumpy. He’s just not as smiley as I am. Granted, it’s a hard feat to accomplish.)


  • Your strength. I dunno how you do it. And sure, there are some cracks (ahem, we’re all a little cracked in our family, no?) but every day, I admire what you do.
  • Your face! You’ve completely ruined aging for me. Because I think all women in their mid 50s should look as hot as you. And … um … they don’t.
  • Your heart. You love a lot of people, and you love freely. And that’s beautiful.