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Maybe I’m late to the party, but I was recently updating my Twitter account settings, and toward the bottom, I saw “Your Twitter archive,” which gets Twitter to send you every character you ever tweeted.”

Um, yes please.

It took about a minute to receive my file. And I looked to my very first tweets, prepared for the worst … and oh, thank God, it wasn’t that bad. Apparently, I first signed up for twitter because a friend of mine was tweeting about the 2009 season of American Idol for work. My first tweet was:

@EmDow Is this how I should do this?

This brings up many things that don’t exist anymore:

  1. My friend is no longer on Twitter, and I do not know the current @EmDow.
  2. Neither of us work for the newspaper anymore.
  3. I don’t watch American Idol anymore.

It’s weird to see that my first very many tweets are to the Idol tweeters. It’s also weird to see that some of the first friends I tweet to are folks I still chat with on Twitter. I no longer see either, ever, as they live far away, but @LTJpezcore1 and @bexsling and @Bontyful are still some of my favorite tweeps (did I make that word up? or is that a thing?)

As I scroll though, I’m experiencing something I didn’t expect: What a wonderful little time capsule to remind me where I was and what I was doing For example:

  • My first Jac & Elsie tweet, back when it was Jaclyn1423? “Jaclyn1423.etsy.com Humor me, yo.”
  • “Good interview. Makes me even happier to be able to say: I’ve been here, at the [newspaper], for one year today.” That also means I lived in my current hometown for about a year at that point.
  • There are the tweets back and forth with a girl I was once close to who, a few years ago, started to treat me like poo.
  • Oh my goodness, tiny.ly links work foreeeever: “New earrings over at http://tiny.cc/HmeCI — I _love_ these!” (Hm. Those are really pretty. I should recreate that design.) (Also, they don’t all work forever. Another took me to a sign-in page for a newspaper.)
  • I celebrated my fifth heart on Etsy on July 10, 2009.
  • Ditto my 100th tweet, on July 13, 2009.

If nothing else, it’s very neat to look back and see how I’ve grown in my various endeavors. A by-the-numbers look sums it up well:

11,516 tweets

1,916 following on Twitter

1,845 followers on Twitter

1,204 sales on Etsy

1,017 admirers on Etsy

Has anyone else ever done this on Twitter? What did you find out?