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A friend posted a Mumford and Sons music video to Facebook earlier this week, and I realized something: Jason Sudeikis is now on my laminated list.

Now, don’t act like you don’t know what the laminated list is. You watched “Friends,” right? The friends discuss the famous people they are allowed to sleep with, and the other can’t get mad. It’s like their top five hottest celebs list. But then Ross gets all Ross and laminates his list, cause he a nerd.

And I started to think about my five favorite guy celebs right now, and who I’d put on my laminated list, and how much it has changed over the years (my first one ever definitely included some Jeff Goldblum. Ian Malcom is dreamy as hell.)

In no particular order:

Jason Sudeikis. I think he’s my favorite comedic actor out right now. “Horrible Bosses” is amazing and wildly underrated. He was key on SNL. And dang, every time I see him, I find him sexier and sexier. (OK, maybe not as Jesus.)

Gerard Butler. He’s been on this list forever. He’s perfect, whether he’s playing a Spartan king or a dopey schlub in a bad Katherine Heigl movie. (Seriously, if I were to describe my physically perfect dude, I’d describe Butler.)

James Franco. Totally dreamy. And then he does shit like “This is the End” and he gets even better. He’s probably the only “pretty boy” on the list, but there’s way more inside that perfect face. (Seriously, they’re both him. See?)

Tom Hardy. “Lawless” was my favorite movie of last year, and he’s just yummy. I knew within the first five minutes of “This Means War” that Reese Witherspoon would choose incorrectly, and I wanted to step into the movie and brain her for bad decision-making.

I don’t have a fifth. Let’s just put Gerard Butler on here twice then.

And now … yours?