I recently had a conversation with a coworker about how lucky I feel, daily, to have the life I have. It was part of a larger conversation about a person we both know who recently had some items stolen from him — laptop, keys, phone — and how, it seems, this poor fellow is chronically unlucky.

Do you notice that, sometimes? That some folks just seem to have inexplicable bad luck? Aside from a car accident I was in earlier this summer, my past year has been pretty blissful. And it’s not even the big stuff — it’s a lot of the little things.

I recently sponsored Rouge & Whimsy, and as part of the sponsorship, Erika asked her sponsors to list some of their favorite things for a giveaway. I kind of had fun thinking up some items, little inexpensive goodies that I just like. It doesn’t have to be the big stuff. Sometimes, when things are going badly, it can be nice to have a few little standbys that are able to bring a small smile.

And, as the song goes, these are a few of my favorite things:

Decaf tea. Jeff and I drink it at night. Earl Gray is my fav, but Bigelow’s Orange & Spice is delicious — and awesome for a batch of spiked apple cider.


It’s good in the a.m. too on my caffeine-free days.

House guests. I have lived in my home for more than a year, and I had my very first two house guests last weekend and the previous (naturally, they come back-to-back. We don’t appear to like to spread things out at Chez Moi).

Vanilla rootbeer. I recently discovered the stuff in one of those of-the-future Coke machines in a local restaurant that features something like 100 pop combos. Vanilla rootbeer, for what it’s worth, might be the stuff Zeus drank when he was up there eating his pomegranates.

Watches. I go through spurts wearing one and have been “on” for more than a year. No, your iPhone doesn’t count.


Today’s, from Target, paired with some stretchy, faded gold bracelets. I have two Target watches. I’m also a major fan of the ones at NY & Company.

My popcorn popper. It’s probably the most fun thing I got as a shower gift. My friend Abby had one in college and it made the greatest popcorn on the planet. Now, mine does. I buy loose kernels, put them in the tin with a little olive oil and salt and turn the hand crank. Within four minutes, the popping starts. I add popcorn butter and voila — greatest movie snack known to man.

There she is, guys. Click on the pic to go straight to the Whirley Pop Shop. You won’t regret it.

Post earrings. Not necessarily studs, but posts — the kind that actually require an earring backing. They tend to have so much more detail than fishhook ear wires, as the design can go all the way up around the ear lobe.

Finding one thing I did differently on Jac & Elsie last year that may be why last summer saw way more sales than this summer. Three words: lots of relisting. Seriously, I can’t tell you the relief I felt when I noticed this recently. A lot of sales can see pretty arbitrary, so to be possibly able to pinpoint something I did differently is a delight.

What little things are bringing you joy?