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Yesterday, I requested next Friday off work to give myself a three-day weekend. Jeff and I aren’t going anywhere fun. I don’t have any trips with a girlfriend planned. In fact, I took the day of to do something that categorically goes against every bit of Jaclyn.

I took it off to clean.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m messy but not dirty. I’m not a hoarder. Most of my friends know me as messy but not gross.

But my studio? My haven of creativity, the spot where I make beautiful things? To quote my mama, it looks like a cyclone struck it (that was her go-to line when pleading with me to clean my room as a girl).

Gorgeous studio space from Pinterest. Click on any image to be taken to the Pinterest link.

When I moved in with Jeff last year, one of the things I was most excited about was having a STUDIO, with a DOOR. An entire room to be devoted to Jac & Elsie. In my one-bedroom apartment, I had a desk in my living room and the floor space around it. In my new home, A HOUSE, with FOUR BEDROOMS, I got to have an WHOLE ROOM. I had so many ideas. Jeff took the closet doors off so I could put extra storage in there. My light box didn’t have to be in the family room. I was going to put pretty things on the wall, including my scratch-off map of the world so I could track where Jac & Elsie had been.

And somehow … it just never happened. Because every time I went in there to organize things, something pretty would catch my eye, and I’d end up making jewelry instead.

Which brings us to today. It is impossible to walk in the studio without stepping on something — a tackle box full of beads, a picture frame, the garbage can, which somehow is living in the middle of the room (don’t ask, I don’t have an answer). My wonderful closet for extra shelving holds two measly shelving units that are so small, my tackle boxes don’t even fit on them.

So next Friday, my first step will be to empty out the room, which will turn the room with the fireplace into a DISASTER. (I cannot take longer than three days for this project because Jeff may kill me if I keep everything in this room.) I need some form of organization in my studio, and it’s not going to happen when findings and beads and wire and charms are E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. (on the floor … on the printer … on both desks … in the closet … on shelves …)

The pieces I uses most often are pretty well organized (I get out my orders FAST, so the stuff I need all the time, I can get at), but all my little compartmentalized containers need some place to live. I need shelves that FIT, not just whatever shelves Jeff and I happened to have on hand when I moved in.

Once everything is OUT of the room, I will go to Target and buy whatever shelves I need. I will know what is going where before I purchase anything. I may remove the ill-fitting shelves from my closet and put, gasp, a desk in there. That way, I can keep the clothes hanger at the top, upon which I hang jewelry organizers, where completed necklaces and bracelets live. I can keep my sewing machine on the shelf at the top of the closet.

And then, maybe, there will be enough room for a small television. I love watching movies I’ve seen a million times when I make jewelry. It’s my favorite back drop — 13 Going on 30, Sex and the City, whatever TBS happens to be showing.

Saving the best for last. LOOK AT ALL THAT SPACE.

I will cover my walls with cute things. I will be able to stand in the middle of the room, spread my arms, and spin like a maniac.

And yes, I’m giving myself three full days to do this. Because as much as I am positively giddy to make my studio a space I love, I am absolutely dreading the process. (No joke, I seriously considered hiring a professional organizer, but in the end, don’t think that would be a good way to spend Jac & Elsie money.)

To any organizational freak readers out there … any advice?? (Please be kind … I’m horribly embarrassed about this room and am sharing to give myself a little accountability.)