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Lately, I’ve been faced with a wonderful, delightful problem. Really, it should be “problem,” because it can hardly be described as a problem at all.

I have too many delightful choices regarding how to spend my time.

1. Last week, I gave myself a three-day weekend to fix the disaster zone that was the Jac & Elsie studio. And now? It’s glorious. I have two clutter-free desks to create and package. All my supplies are in the same spot. My most-used supplies are at hand. I can put together an order from scratch, including MAKING the pieces, from start to finish in a third of the time it used to take–because everything has a place, and I know where to find it.

The very first thing I made in The New Studio.

As such, I’m even more excited to play in the studio. (Yes, there will be pics to come. It’s not 100 percent there yet, but at 95 percent, it’s just about perfection.)

2. I’m not quite half way done with the new King book, “Doctor Sleep.” Now, I’m one of the few King fans you’ll find who didn’t like “The Shining” — the book or the Kubrick movie. The book was just “meh” for me, and I found the movie utterly boring. (Again, I’m in the minority with that opinion, as it’s often listed as one of the best horror flicks of all time.)

But “Doctor Sleep”? Ohhh, “Doctor Sleep,” I love you so. I’m plowing through it all fast-like, and I find myself stopping on purpose so I don’t devour it up too quickly. A brief plot synopsis: The story follows Dan Torrence (formerly Danny Torrence, the kid of Jack Nicholson, if you’re most familiar with the movie) as he decides to get sober. He still has a bit of the shining, which he uses to help people; he works in an old folks’ home, and when people are just about to die — the staff knows because the kitty that adopted them at the hospice pays a visit to patients right before they pass — Dan stops by and helps them through it. He eases their fears, and it’s just like going to sleep.

Dan meets a young girl who shines even brighter than Dan did when he was just a little Danny, and he has to help her, for she has discovered a group of people called the True Knot, humans who aren’t quite human anymore who can live forever. I won’t spoil for you how they live forever, but it’s unpleasant, to say the least.

“Doctor Sleep” is King as his best: Amazing writing with perfect storytelling and some characters we love despite, or because of, their flaws.

3. A few weeks ago, one of my best friends visited. We did all sorts of things old friends do — shopped, ate, stayed up until 4 a.m. watching horror movies — and one thing I feel like might be just for us. Erin and I have a friendship built on writing. When I was a freshman newspaper journalism major at Kent State, she was a freshman photojournalism major. One of the first times we ever hung out was right after 9/11, and we had copies of news magazines that wrote about the event, and we read the amazing writing aloud to each other.

In the Great Studio Cleaning of ’13, I actually found the issue of Time that we both can point to and say, “That is part of the reason we’re friends,” because we both swooned over the Nancy Gibbs feature in its pages. (Actually, about an hour after the planes hit, we were sitting next to each other in our Intro to Mass Communications class.)

image photo1Anywho, Erin writes screenplays, and we can spend hours brainstorming them. I play editor, and we talk through plot points, intro scenes, character development and all sorts of nerdy things that make our friendship tick.

The last time we did this, I caught the bug. I’m not much for writing fiction — newspaper reporting for eight years made me think I was strictly a nonfiction kind of gal — but the excitement that came from her project plus a story that stuck in my craw drew me to my laptop. I’m 6,600 words in — nothing huge, for certain, but my little fiction project is something I think about during the day. I want to have eight hours or more to work on it at a time. I think about my characters like they’re my friends.

4. Freeking fall TV started. An acquaintance of mine is on The Voice this season, and I have been watching the tryout episodes on the edge of my seat, waiting to see him. I’ve already Googled spoilers, so I know his outcome (!!!), but I’m still dying to see him. If you watch The Voice, look out for him: His name is Lupe Carroll, and he has the best voice I’ve ever heard in real life. He was friends with an ex of mine, and I’ve seen him perform once or twice. If I didn’t think it would be weird to ask an ex’s friend to sing at my wedding, I would have asked him to sing at my and Jeff’s (I can’t tell you how close I came to contacting him for it.) Check him out here, singing one of my favorite songs of all time. (Make sure you make it to 1:47 for the money note. Chills, up and down my arms.) (I love the look on his friend Matt’s face when he hits it. He goes from Serious to Smiley immediately.)

Anywho, so I want to watch Lupe on The Voice. And I’m a huge Big Bang Theory fan (in my next life, I want Penny to be real and to be my bff). I’ve been thinking about Glee pretty much constantly since Cory Monteith died, so curious to know how the show is going to handle his death. I heart James Spader, so I’m trying to get myself hooked on “The Blacklist.” I heart Robin Williams, so I may give “The Crazy Ones” a few more tries (is it too soon to hope they kill off Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character? She annoying.)

Which is all to say: It may seem I have forgotten about poor Curious Jac. I haven’t, I swear. I just … have been opting to work on my fiction project. Or make jewelry. Or read. Or watch TV. It happens.