My cousin’s baby shower was last weekend. I couldn’t attend it — it was out-of-state — but I sent over a pretty sweet gift.

The mama-to-be’s twin sister contacted me on Facebook a week or two before the shower and said she wanted to read a poem to her sister at the shower. Might I be willing to write it? She wanted it to be to the daddy-to-be, Sal, from the baby-to-be, Francesca.

Now, I’ve never written a poem from a fetus to a dad, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I miss poetry writing, and prompts like this are such a wonderful way to get the muse flowing.

Hope you enjoy.

* * *

Sal’s Song

Hi there, Daddy.
I’m 34 weeks old today,
as big as a cantaloupe–and
certainly as sweet.

Don’t you wonder how big I’ll be
when I turn 3?
Will you help me
climb a tree and say
I can be anything I want,
anyone I can be?
Like a teacher or preacher,
a race car driver,
a deep sea diver,
a dapper dancer,
a splatter painter
or maybe just
your little girl
til all my hairs turn gray.

And then one day
when I turn 10, I’ll use up
all my fingers to count “how old?”
on my little hands
you’ll kiss when
I fall, and then I’ll
ride my bike down
the street and you’ll
wonder, “When did she
get so big and so tall?”

And then, one day, I’ll
drive you to dinner,
or just down the street,
or up the block,
or to Nana and Papa’s–anywhere
to show off my skill.
And we can talk, all alone, by ourselves,
you and me and my
shiny new license, when I’m
all growed up.

What’ll it be like
when I have a baby? When
your baby has a baby, has
someone to love
like you love me, has
someone to call
her little sweet pea, her
bundle of tears and joy and laughter,
of cheers and happily-ever-afters.

But for now, I’m just 34 weeks,
just your little cantaloupe.
And you’re a new daddy.
You’re my new daddy, and
I love you already.