I have a very particular go-to type of jewelry. I like dainty things. I like metals more than stones. I have some big, awesome gaudy pieces I like to incorporate, but I’m most likely to be found in a simple sterling chain with a tiny pendant and a pair of hoop earrings.

That’s not to say I don’t love giant, obnoxious collar necklaces or gaudy, sparkling earrings. I just rarely pick them out for myself (though my taste is shifting more in this direction).

A month or two ago, I discovered JewelMint, a trendy, affordable jewelry website. Shortly after I signed up for the emails, the site promoted a kind of mystery box of jewelry. There was the small one, the medium one, the giant one. The pieces in the giant one came down to $6 or $7 each … so I bit.

What arrived in the mail was a beautiful JewelMint gift box and velvet bag full of goodies. There is a sole piece I would have picked out on my own, and the rest? I never would have looked at them twice. And I love them!

Included in the seven goodies:

First, this is the set I totally would have picked out for myself. I love the chocolate tone of the metal:

These earrings are gaudy as hell and, similarly, they’re fun as hell to wear:

This was my favorite piece in the set. The collar is so regal, and despite the lavender stones, it goes with so much. Whoda thunk?

Now I have to be honest: When I signed up for the site, I didn’t realize this was the kind of site that automatically charges you for a $29.99 credit at the beginning of every month unless you opt out within the first five days of the month. Because of this, I found myself with a credit early on. I was annoyed I had overlooked this fine print, but hey, it only happened once, and I can definitely spend $30 on jewelry.

I ended up getting a candle with a treat inside. These huge jar candles are pretty, and I like the idea of surprises (see above). Plus, they had a pumpkin souflee scent, and it’s October, yo.

The candle is HUGE, so much larger than I expected, and it is legit the best-smelling candle I’ve ever smelled. Plus when you burn it, it keeps its scent–none of this “Smells good unlit but all that evaporates once you light the wick.”

Now, based on the candle’s reviews, I expected a clearance ring in my candle, but instead? I got a bracelet … AND a sterling necklace. Whaaa? TWO surprises? WIN.

Piece No.1: A wrap bracelet that looks fantastic on.

My second piece is a slim sterling necklace with a small heart charm containing a tiny yellow amber stone. It’s adorable and very much my style.

But it also illustrates one of my other beefs with JewelMint: There doesn’t appear to be a search function. Unless I’m losing my mind, there’s nowhere for me to search for “sterling heart necklace amber” on the site so I can show you what I got.

If you’re as obsessed with jewelry as I am, JewelMint might be your thing. But don’t forget: If you sign up, you’re gonna get charged for a $29.99 credit if you forget to cancel a month.

Anyone else have experience with JewelMint? Thoughts?