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Earlier this year, I received an email from my friend Kathleen with a request I absolutely had to tackle:

ok so my college roommates and I have nicknames- Kitty, Skittle, and Pan. Would you be able to find (and then make, obviously) a friendship set with those?

OK, a cat … I’m sure I can find this. A pan … well, I’ve seen rolling pin and muffin tin charms, so I’m sure there’s a pan out there somewhere. Now … a Skittle? Well, let’s see what I can do.

And I found these:

Um … YES.

We chatted back and forth about how to make necklaces from these completely different charms in different colors appear part of the same set. I suggested adding an initial charm to each, which would all be the same font and metal, and using the same chain on each. For some necklaces, it would create a mixed metal look, but I’ve always been a fan of that.

Turns out, Kathleen is too.

She just posted a pic of the three college roomies in their necklaces, and I’m again feeling absolutely thrilled with how these 100-percent unique necklaces turned out (that’s Kathleen in the middle, say hi!)


1375042_10101480181346718_1235463852_n (1)I really think the best friendship sets are the ones you design:

  • I came up with the trio that started all the friendship sets for Jac & Elsie, the rock/paper/scissors necklaces, at the request of a friend who couldn’t find a rock/paper/scissors set she liked.
  • I’ve expanded the cutlery set for a group of women who meet for dinner club, as well as for a production of Beauty and the Beast (because all the cutlery becomes alive–the gal wanted to give everyone the piece he or she played in the production).
  • One friend wanted each necklace to have a rock, a paper and a scissors charm on it.
  • Another wanted a ribbon charm with four colored beads to represent a variety of cancers her family members had beat.

It’s amazing to me how humbled I feel knowing I’ve helped someone give that perfect gift. I know what I thrill I feel when I find it, and I’m so happy to know I’ve helped others find it, too.

And just to throw it out there, I ended up purchasing multiple Skittles charms because, well, look how awesome. If you’d like your own, you can find one here.