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Jeff and I had the delightful pleasure of attending two costume parties this weekend. I adore dressing up, and getting to do so twice in one weekend made for a happy Jac indeed.

Friday night, a coworker invited us to her Halloween dinner. Every year, she puts together this multi-course feast and decorates the crap out of her home. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it. She covered her kitchen walls in decorative sheets that made the walls black and look like eyes were peeking at us through cracks in the wall. The only light in was from the candelabras and the fixture over her kitchen counter, which she had covered with witch hats for dimness and decor.

It’s a cocktail party, so there were lots of well-dressed peeps in the house, but most people had added some element of costume to their dress. Me? I added a devil to my blue dress.

It is easily one of the easiest costumes to throw together at the last minute, as I did. The dress is from H&M, one I bought for a friend’s wedding rehearsal and dinner last year. I had the wig, and Target supplied the $5 elbow-length red gloves and $3 red eye makeup. Not wanting my face to end up all crazy smeared with waxy makeup, I went subtle on the devil eyes — red on the lids, dark gray in the crease. I figured a devil would wear all black jewelry, which I had. And voila!

Frankly, I preferred my devil when her blue dress was a bridesmaid dress I had in my closet, but then I realized that an hour into the party, I would not be pleased with my decision to wear a long, strapless ball gown with crinoline to a house party. H&M wasn’t as pretty, but dangit, it was short and had straps. (Also, let’s be real here, strapless dresses make me stare at my own armpit fat, which I’m cleverly hiding by putting my hands on my hips. Let’s all raise our hand if we slim our pit fat down in photos the same way …)


Saturday night, Jeff and I went with something of a couple’s costume. I went as  my favorite artist; he went as her ill-fated Russian lover, Leon Trotsky.

I borrowed the red dress from my friend. It was, no joke, her wedding dress. When she got married, she was eight months pregnant, so she went with a Motherhood Maternity dress. It had an off-the-shoulder collar and a tie at the back, so you couldn’t tell it was for a preggo lady at all.

The shawl is courtesy of JoAnn Fabric and moi. I bought a yard of a burnt orange floral print and some yellow fringe. I created a long pashmina-like shape with the fabric and sewed the fringe onto the end. I found the flowers for the hairpiece at JoAnn in the floral department. I ripped off the stems and glued on toothless alligator clips — there are three flowers on my head — and clipped the pieces to the top of my head. The $5 blue vintage necklace is from an area antique mall.

I extended my eyebrows with some black eyeliner and, for the corner ‘stache, I drew some lines in and smeared them with my finger. All the rings and earrings were my own.

I should have done much more blush, but overall, it might be one of my favorite costumes I’ve put together. Not bad, huh?

The expression on my face from pretty much every photo taken from Saturday looks the same. Unless I’m hamming it up, I’m trying to be serious but mainly only look constipated. The best, though, is the Frida bomb on my friends, gladiator man and flapper woman.

What are you dressing as this Halloween? Tell me about the easiest and/or favorite costume you’ve put together.