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This month, I’m participating in one of those GOOD Facebook dealies: A Month of Thankfulness. Not wanting to expand on EVERY little thing I’m thankful for, I thought I might do some end-of-the-week wrap-ups for the big things.

I am thankful:

  • For my brother. He’s easy to get lost in the fray of life sometimes because of that whole not talking thing, but barring my parents, he has been the single most influential person in my growing up. My view of the world, my view of people, my understanding of God, my knowledge of what I would never be able to handle as a career — all from Joey. Love you, dude.

  • That my husband waited for me. I know that’s a little more specific than simply being thankful for my husband, but whenever I stop to think about it, I am amazed that I found this wonderful man when I did. He was 36, owned a home, had a job, smiled gorgeously, did not rape/kill/have tea parties with dead people, shared my interests, did not have an exwife or any kids … and was single. So yeah, I’m thankful that he didn’t settle for any of the hussies he met before me; he waited for this hussie, dammit.
  • That all the people I love in Illinois can get married now, not just the heteros. I don’t often get to feel much pride in my birthstate (it’s Illinois, come on), but for once, I do. Very much. All over the place. You go, Land of Lincoln.

What have you felt thankful for this week?