My phone rang at work today. It was a friend, a girl I used to babysit for who has grown up into one of my favorite people on the planet. If you met her, you’d like her. She has this ability to befriend anyone. She’s cheery and bubbly, outgoing and friendly, and gorgeous to boot, with this smile full of teeth and thick thick thick blond hair down her back that she’s never dyed. When she was little, she had these big cheeks I used to smoosh.

I haven’t talked to her much since I last saw her, over the summer when I was in town visiting another friend. I called her for an impromptu lunch, and we met an hour later.

She’s a junior in college and one of those girls who’s gonna be successful in anything she does. You know the type. Maybe you are the type. Maybe you envy the type, or wish you were the type.

One of my fav pics from the wedding. Because all bridesmaids should shoot their family members the “Hey, girl” on the walk down the aisle.

When she called today, she knew I was at work; she was on her way to class. Last week, I sent her a Facebook message congratulating her on being voted (or named? Not positive how this works) president of her sorority.

Instead of messaging me back, she called me today.

“I haven’t forgotten about you!!” she told me. “I’ve been swamped. I miss you! I love you!” Yes, she’s the kind of girl who can punctuate declarative sentence with an exclamation point, even in speech.

We have a Facetime date on Thursday. I miss her face, so it’ll be good. I’ll try to see if we can get her to visit some upcoming weekend, but I know she’s gonna be busy like a crazy person as the semester nears its end and papers are due and finals are to be studied for.

Our lil conversation lasted for two minutes and 49 seconds, but it made my Monday morning oh so very happy.

So this is me encouraging you to do one of those today: Give a friend you love that you haven’t seen a while a little phone call, even if it’s in the middle of work. You don’t need to rehash your life — just tell her you love her.

It’ll brighten her day, I promise.