Happy Dec. 19, all! This holiday season has positively flown by, and I’m largely blaming Jac & Elsie. The shop has kept my evening ridic busy, and part of me is grumpy that I can’t be my usual lazypants self. But mainly, I’m amazed and loving the fact that I’m helping so many people find The Perfect Gift.

Even though I thought I planned for sales more than I could have expected, there was one little detail I didn’t see happening: running out of business cards. This tops pretty much any mistake I could have made, even giving free oversees shipping, which costs $6.16, to a $5 item.

Yes, I actually ran out of cards. I opted for a quicker shipping option to get my new ones (I order through Vistaprint — great price, awesome printing quality), but I needed a few extras in the meantime.

I realized this on a Sunday evening ((facepalm)).

When I called Office Depot to see if they did on-site print jobs, the woman on the phone, Lydia, told me yes, and would I like to pick them up tomorrow?

“I was thinking I could drop off the design in 20 minutes and just wait for them?”

This, by the way, was about two hours before they close.

Lydia seemed a little confused — probably hadn’t quite gotten that request before — but she said she’d try to help me.

So I went to graphic designer husband and said HELP. He set me up a quickie template, I created the most basic business cards known to man — because I just needed to be sure I had some branding in my packages, because DUH, and I also use the cards as a necklace backing. He saved it on a jump drive, and I flew to Office Depot.

Lydia told me she wasn’t positive she could get all 100 cards printed for me, but that she’d start with 50 and see where she was on time, and she would call me if she finished early. I thanked her and took my butt next door to Kohl’s to wait/buy myself Christmas gifts. (I’m a believer that, if you go shopping and put down something you want, if you’re still thinking about it a week later, you should own said item. I did that with this and below. The wallet matches my purse. The sweater is just pretty. And sparkly without punching you in the face.)

I was in the fitting room when my phone rang. It was Lydia.

“We’re finished!”

“With all 100???”

“With all 100.”

“YOU’RE AWESOME. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

They were perfect. See? (Forgive the weird effects on the photos — I just downloaded Snapseed, a free photo editing app for my p hone, and I used these photos as practice.)

card card1

So, to Office Depot and to Lydia, THANK YOU. And to anyone who experiences a Jaclyn-sized brainfart and you find yourself in desperate need of business cards NOW: Go to Office Depot. (One-hundred cards were about $27.)