OK, so I’m late to this prompt party. Daily Prompt asked bloggers to write “What is your least favorite personal quality in others? Extra points for sharing your least favorite personal quality in yourself” back on Dec. 18. I didn’t see it until Dec. 20, and I felt weird writing such a negative Nelly blog post so close to Christmas.

Hence the Dec. 26 publish date.

The personality traits that drive me batty about others include when they are:

  1. Self-centered. So many things that drive me nuts come down to this one trait. Like when you’re in a public space, and there’s a narrow hallway or staircase, and you can’t get to it because someone is standing directly in front of it, without moving, without looking around, totally oblivious of anyone else in the room. Or checking your texts when you’re in a social situation. You’re not that important, AND you’re loudly telling your friends that they’re boring you. Rudeness can be fixed if you just open your eyes and think about other people.
  2. Text-and-drive’ers. No, you’re not good at it, you’re just making everyone around you nervous.

    No idea where I saw this the first time, but one of the better, more acerbic church signs, no?

  3. So PDA’y that they’re practically humping their other in public. I witnessed this recently. IN A BOWLING ALLEY. ((vomit))
  4. Total know-it-alls.
  5. Competitive. Not just “like to win” but get angry when they lose.

The personality traits that drive me batty about me include:

  1. I’m too sensitive. I cry easily, and I hate it.
  2. I’m messy. I wish I was organized.
  3. I’m judgey, and I’m a very good at hiding it. I enjoy gossip, and I think that makes me gross.
  4. I can get super lazy. Sometimes I think if I were independently wealthy, I wouldn’t turn into a slug so much as an extra throw pillow on the couch.
  5. When someone is rude to my face, I will often snap back. That is not good for someone in marketing. It was OK for Jac the journalist, but I’m working on learning to bite my tongue until it bleeds.

Your turn — what’s your least favorite traits in others? In yourself?