Over the years, I have signed up for a few company newsletters. A couple. Here and there.

Until finally, my inbox turned into Cthulhu, threatening to burst out of my screen and eat my face with its tentacles.

Recently, I’ve started deleting everything except the emails I actually want to read — a note from my bestie, a cute forward from my mom, an email alert that Phase Three of Life or the Greatest Escapist has published again.

So this week, I decided: NO MORE. Not only was I not reading all those emails from stores and companies, but they were costing me more money — all when the whole point was they were supposed to save me money. But, you know, I only buy what I know about. And even if I’m getting a good deal, do I really need to even know about those pretty Swarovski earrings on Groupon or the fact that NY & Co. has a $5 jewelry sale?

Which means I unsubscribed to … just about everything. “Just about everything,” in case you were wondering, includes ((deep breath)): Rate Beer, Dunkin Donuts, Michael’s, MTV News, LinkedIn Pulse, any Twitter alerts, Travelocity, Sherman’ Travel, JoAnn.com, Bouq’aneers, Groupon, Living Social, Fazoli’s, New York & Company, Express, Vistaprint, Goodreads updates, Barnes & Noble, Pinterest updates, Redbox, Victoria’s Secret, Fannie May, Bloglovin, Ulta, 1-800-Flowers.com, Uncommon Goods, and more, I’m sure, but those are just what I see in the first two pages of my deleted emails list. (You see? It’s a problem.)

That is not to say I don’t plan to use those websites. Vistaprint is my business card supplier, because I have yet to see a price-to-quality ratio that comes close; and I don’t go to Michael’s or JoAnn without checking their websites for coupons. But I don’t need these stores to remind me they exist — I go there anyway. As for the websites that I don’t care about, well, I won’t miss them.

This means the emails I do still subscribe to are pretty dang special. They include:

  • The Plaid Barn. I only purchase from them maybe once every month or two, but when they have a deal I like, it can’t be beat.
  • Email updates for blogs I enjoy. In addition to the two I mentioned above, there’s Scathingly Brilliant. And that’s it. My other two fav blogs don’t let me subscribe by email.
  • Newsletters for my favorite Etsy shops. This is largely because they don’t bother me daily or weekly. They say hello only once every month or two, so when the emails do arrive, I enjoy them. That being said, I’m probably going to unsubscribe from a number of them next time — if there’s not fascinating news or a kickass coupon code, I’m not interested. The Peach Tree is my favorite. (Sign up here.) (These earrings (see above) are en route to me right now thanks to one of her killer newsletters.)
  • NYTimes.com news alerts. Because duh.

So tell me: Do you subscribe to an asston of emails too? Or am I the only one? Which are your favorite regular finds in your inbox?