Tell me, dear readers, where do you live? Has your state become a frozen tundra of suck like my Hoosier home?

To be honest, I don’t mind snow. I find it beautiful, and driving in it for 11 years means that I know what I’m doing. Oh, I don’t like it, to be sure, but when I have to venture out, I know how to not be an asshole on the road. (Not that that means I won’t end up in a snow drift tonight, it just means I’m less likely than those who think having an SUV means they can drive 60 on a white sheet of ice.)

But as much as I don’t mind it, this winter is starting to weigh on me, as it appears it’s starting to weigh on all the people. My best friend is supposed to visit me this weekend, and we have, of course, a 40 percent chance of snow. Now, I know that plans made December through mid-March in the Midwest are tentative as best, nut after the month Mother Nature has thrown at us, I’m gonna be seriously pissed if she prevents me from enjoying my Stephanie this weekend.

On top of all that, I have that upper respiratory virus that roughly half of everyone I know in the Midwest also has. It has left me with an interesting voice — Jeff says I sound like I voice a cartoon about a baby bear.

This has me reflecting on the good things that have happened since Jan. 2. Because it can’t all be dreaming about sunshine and 70 degree weather.

  • August: Osage County. I took myself on a solo matinee last week, and I was blown away by the amazingness of this movie. The poster got me in (Meryl and Julia duking it out on the floor? Come on, most brilliant poster ever), but the writing made me fall in love over and over. I look forward to watching the movie again when I have pausing capabilities so I can write down the words that gave me chills.
  • The discovery of Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger Tea. We have this secret pal program at work where those participating get little gifts for our secret pals at least monthly. Mine got me a goodie bag of treats this month, including a sampler of herbal tea. The Lemon Zinger has been delightful on my sore threat.
  • Getting more pretties on the walls in my studio. My quad of Flapper Doodle prints is above my closet (one, two, three and four); my vintage Three Caballeros page is above my TV (OH, and there’s a fabulous new lil flat screen to keep me company in here, too); my brother looking studly in his cap ‘n’ gown; the coolest bachelorette party photo presentation EVER; and a small abstract of a European market that I found for $1 at an antique store months ago.

    unnamed (2)

    My maid of honor had all the girls smooch and sign the matte. All afternoon, I was confused why everyone was disappearing into the dining room and why I wasn’t allowed in.

  • Friday, my boss called me into his office. “You’re in trouble. Just kidding. Want to go to New Orleans?” There’s a national marketing and PR conference there … aaaaand I get to go in March. ((jumping up and down despite the sickies))
  • More fun news at work: I finally kicked off a blog I’ve had stewing in my mind for ages. I work for a community college, and the blog, Green Light, is student-focused. I can tell I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.
  • I have enough Donald finds that I’m really picky these days. Over the weekend, I found the greatest little tray that had me smiling all day. And it was only $3, and it was 20 percent off. I love cheapie finds that make me say, “Um, I’d have given you $10 for that. I win.”unnamed

I’m glad I did this. I’m feeling much better already; despite the sickies and the stupid cold, January hasn’t been half bad.

Your turn: What’s been the best stuff that’s happened to you this month? Focus on that if you find yourself snowed in.