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A few weeks back, I got the honor to help out at a book party for a local author, Natalie Ellis. The party promoted her eBook, “Fear for Hire,” and it debuted the book’s trailer–think a movie trailer, but for a novel.

To stir up interest, Natalie had a variety of giveaways on Twitter, Facebook, and in-person there at the party. Naturally, I had to support this fabulous author, so I offered up a Jac & Elsie jewelry set. She loved the rock/paper/scissors set, and it went to someone at the party who had been tweeting up a storm about the event. The winner, Kristin, also happened to play the protagonist in the “Fear for Hire” trailer. Watch her below …

… and then marvel and how adorbs she is when she’s not playing a kidnapped woman afraid for her life, when she’s just laughing and rocking a Jac & Elsie paper charm necklace.


Kristin happened to be at the party with two of her besties, and they divvied up the three necklaces in about a second and a half:

Kirstin and friendsAnd for you readers out there: “Fear For Hire” is a book set in the author’s Indiana hometown about a kidnapping gone awry. Jack Wylie’s brother convinces the ex-cop to kidnap a woman who paid to be kidnapped, a kind of “I’m fearful because of my crazy exboyfriend, and if I undergo this experience, my crippling fear will fade” kind of thing. But Jack kidnaps the wrong woman, Molly, a TV reporter.

“Fear for Hire” is a fun, quick read that’ll keep you guessing. Jack is a fantastic protagonist, all grizzly and damaged; Molly’s brave and a touch naive, and their chemistry is … um … hot. So there’s that.

And for the time being, the Kindle edition is just $2.99 on Amazon. Happy reading!