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February’s birthstone is amethyst, a stone I have a few of because my husband and friends know I’m a major purple fan. The stone is purple quartz, a mixture of violet and red. They are most often lavender but can come in deeper purples. There are also green amethysts, which are a beautiful shade of sage.


Amethysts from my collection, clockwise from top left: Costume earrings (no idea where they came from, I’ve had them forever); sterling amethyst ring with white topaz (gift from a friend who works for Kay Jeweler); amethyst bracelet (Valentine’s Day gift from the hubby a few years back); huge costume ring (Charming Charlie); amethyst and diamond chip ring (my almost pre-engagement ring, he ended up using it for Valentine’s Day the following year)


Ancient Greeks and Romans believed this stone would ward off the powers of Baccus, the Greek god of wine. Wearing an amethyst would keep you clearheaded–essentially, the opposite of drunk. It is a stone of wisdom. I feel like this should be a go-to gift for high school graduates but is instead the gemstone for six year wedding anniversaries.

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How to wear it

Amethyst looks beautiful and modern against sterling silver or white gold. For a more throwback look, pair it with yellow or rose gold.

On its own, an amethyst piece would work well with a casual outfit–jeans and a blouse, a sweater dress. The stone also pairs well with diamonds or white topaz stones, making it appropriate for a more formal occasion.


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Happy birthday, February darlings. If you want to find an amethyst surprise for a friend, hop over to Jac & Elsie for affordable and meaningful pieces. There are many customizable options–I’d suggest adding an amethyst-colored bead to the Full of Awesome necklace.

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