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The best part of any awards show: The morning-after photos. Vulture has one of the most in-depth slide shows (thanks, Vulture!). Here are my favorites, in no particular order.

Except Emma Stone. Who is the best, at everything, always. You don’t see a lot of chartreuse in life, but this color is stunning on her. Gorgeous texture and fit, almost demure. She’s Hollywood perfection. (Click on the pics for more.) 

Eddie Redmayne: I love a beautiful colored tux, and those black silk lapels are gorgeous.

Steve Carell: The facial hair and glasses and traditional tux: So handsome

Keira Knightly: How romantic! I suspect this is one of the night’s polarizing looks, but I love the handwriting and floral design. The soft waves in her hair complete an ethereal look.

Nicole Kidman: Kind of funky for an event as glamorous as the Oscars, but she completely rocks it. Chartreuse again? Is this a thing?

Laura Dern: Ohhhhh, that metallic texture and color is amazing. Very punk rock princess. The necklace might be a bit overkill, but I appreciate the risk.

Georgina Chapman: Gaudy and over-the-top–but so, so beautiful and daring. I love everything about this, down to the slicked back and simple ‘do to offset the busy dress.

If Keira is my favorite, Katie Cassidy takes my silver metal. This fine lace looks tattooed on her skin, in the best way possible. The lace is gorgeous, a mixture of old tyme and modern. It’s different enough in tone from her skin that she doesn’t look naked, but it’s close enough for a lovely monotone kind of look.


Honorable mentions:

(Clockwise from top left) Lupita Nyong’o can do no wrong when it comes to awards show fashions. She always looks so effortless and comfortable and glamorous * The beautiful bold jewel-tone of this dress makes Scarlett Johansson stand out. I don’t adore the fit around her chest, but I do adore the gown’s necklace. It’s ballsy to match jewelry so closely to a dress, but the fact that it puzzles with her neckline makes it appear to be part of the dress * Zoe Saldana is va-va voom and beautiful. I love the simple adornments and soft hair. Lovely and sexy. * So pretty. Gwyneth Paltrow‘s gown is proof that fit is more important than anything. It’s a glove on her body, and it even makes the weird single sleeve and floppity shoulder flower sweet and interesting. The earrings kill it a bit for me, though. I don’t mind the red and pink mix, but her dress is so simple and modern, and the earrings are gaudy and costumey by comparison. * Rosamund Pike: That color! That slit! That texture!J.K. Simmons looks positively dapper, and did you note his pocket square matching Michelle Schumacher‘s gown? The pattern on her dress is so interesting, the color is gorgeous, and the fit is fantastic.

I’m not one for worst-dressed lists because they’re mean. But … just this once … Lorelei Linklater. The pattern screams “homecoming dance,” but the slit to her chachi screams “pole dance.” Maybe if it fit better, it’d be less yuck? The dress is pulling around her midsection, so it is simultaneously too tight around her hips and too loose in her belly.

And through it all, I’m still waiting for a dress to come close to my favorite awards show fashion of all time: Lucy Liu at the 2013 Golden Globes.

Who wore your favorite gowns and tuxes?