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March’s birthstone has a soft, sweet hue: aquamarine. Most aquamarine stones are a very light blue, though they can range to a deeper tone.


Aquamarine’s mythology relates primarily to romantic love and sea safety.

According to ancient Roman mythology, aquamarines absorb the atmosphere of young love. They were once considered the best gift from a groom to his bride after the marriage was consummated. In Medieval times, the stone was said to reawaken the love of married couples.

Greek and Romans called the stone the sailor’s gem, as it was said to bring safe and prosperous passage across rough waters. It was also said to make soldiers invincible.

Source: Jewels for Me

How to wear it

Due to its light color, aquamarine is a perfect addition to for spring fashions. I find it most beautiful in silver or white gold settings. Pair the stone with denim or a sun dress for a subtle bit of sparkle and color.

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