List 10 places, near and far, you’d like to go before the end of the year. (Prompt by Journaling Sage.)

1) Winona Lake, Ind. It’s a tiny spot about an hour away with a fantastic restaurant and really fun shopping–a bead shop, a spice/tea/dry pasta shop, one of those spots with fun and quirky gifts, ice cream, and the like. We’re actually going tomorrow, and I have a friend date scheduled for later in the summer. But it’s always on the summer to-go list. (Admission: I forgot this post was in my drafts, and I maybe have already done this … Whoops!)

2) NYC. I want to see Misery on Broadway.

3) Printers Row Lit Fest. I go yearly. It’s my church. (Admission: Ditto. It was last weekend. Totally amazing.)

4) East Peoria, Ill., to see my bestie.

5) Ohio. Anywhere in Ohio would be fine. There’s always lots of people to see, regardless of which corner I pick.

6) Fremont, Ind. Two wineries and a restaurant with copious amounts of bourbon. I see an over-nighter trip at some point.

7) New Lenox, Ill. I suppose it’s cheating since my parents live there, but I’ll get more than a few visits in before Dec. 31. (Admission: See No. 3.)

8) Michigan. Traverse City is one of our favorite summer stops, but even a closer spot would be nice.

9) Somewhere, anywhere, that requires a drive with some kind of peaceful stop at the end. I’d love to go somewhere alone to get that first draft of the manuscript finished. Maybe it’s an excuse to say I need to get away to finish it, but man, I have a heck of a time working on it during my day-to-day routine. I can’t seem to figure out how to make it part of the routine.

10) Some place I’ve never been. I make it a bit of a travel goal to go somewhere new each year. I like it to be an entirely new state, but even if it’s a new city, I think that should count.