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I just finished rereading “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” for the … fourth time? Fifth time? But it was by far the very best time I’ve read it.

This version was the coffee table book version, illustrated by Jim Kay. Based on my knowledge of Kay, which begins and ends with this book, he is a watercolor artist who can take one of the world’s most beloved stories and improve upon it.

Consider, if you will, Hagrid carting Harry away from that creepy shack on the tiny island. His bitty umbrella!

Look at the detail in Kay’s imagining of Diagon Ally.

And then, there are my two absolute favorites. No. 2: The unicorn in the Forbidden Forest. I could stare at this for hours.

And No. 1 is reserved for … the house ghosts. It’s not even a full-page image–they float along the bottom of a double-page spread. I don’t understand how he made his paints look positively neon. So perfect. And so hard to reproduce. I can’t get a good photo or scan of it, and even what I find on Google is shoddy.

I finished this reread on Saturday and got out of my chair to grab “Chamber of Secrets” before I thought … wait …

I did a quick search and YES! Jim Kay’s illustrated “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” comes out in less than two months. I should be embarrassed about how much I danced around the house when I found that out. But let’s be real. Of course I’m not.