I think I like the choker necklace trend, especially because it was Grandma Clela’s

I’m wearing a choker today.

I think I like it. I think I’m OK with it. But it’s a trend I never thought I’d get behind.

When they were popular in the ’90s, I was a solid “WTH, those are hideous, stop it.” When they came back this season, my tune had not changed.

But then my friend Jackie rocked one on Instagram, and it looked so beautiful, and I said … MaaaaybeThen she did it again, and I said, OK, fine.

My husband’s grandmother passed away a few months after I met him, and when his grandfather passed away this summer, when it came time to sell their house, a box of his grandmother’s costume jewelry made it to my in-laws’. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, nieces, and I all went through it. I spied a choker, gold, that no one else wanted and thought, Well, even if this fails, it was Grandma Clela’s.

I deigned to wear it today. Seemed to go with the wide neck on my navy dress and pulled back hair. I love wearing vintage jewelry and thinking about the last time it made an appearance. When did Grandma Clela (that name kills me … Clela) last wear it? Did she party? Go out with friends? Did her man take her on a hot date? (I wish my inaugural wearing of it was something more exciting than, “Um, I went to work.”)

Be nice to me, my selfie game sucks ass. I’m mostly OK with that, as I’m not 23, but ugh.

I think I like it. I wondered if it’d get uncomfortable–I’m more of a tiny charm on an 18-inch chain necklace wearer, the kind of necklace that you put on and promptly forget about. But you can’t forget about a choker–it’s too close to the skin. I feel it each time I turn my neck or even when I just sit there. But it doesn’t irritate me. And I feel like it might be making me keep my head up, my neck straight.

I’m pretty open about trying new trends, even if I don’t love them at first (obviously). I figure, if I fail, it’s only a day, who cares? But I might be officially on this train.

Anyone else riding with me? Any other trends you’re on-the-fence about?

(Just for funsies, I hopped on Claires.com to see what chokers they had, because duh, and the entire site is buy one, get one free. I like these two. I also snooped around on Etsy and OMG look at this Harry Potter snitch one. My iries have turned into tiny hearts. Actually, if you’re interested, look around that shop–there are a bunch of amazing styles in there.)


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