An office change for a bit of revitalization

This week, I switched offices at work. It sounds like a tiny thing, even an annoying thing, but it was wonderful.

I’m someone who thrives on change, who looks forward to new things. Getting a new job is more exciting to me than scary. I don’t hate moving (packing is another story …) One of my biggest worries about “growing up,” about graduating college, was the utter sameness I had to look forward to day in, day out. No longer would my days change every academic year, with new classes in new classrooms, new peers and teachers, new positions on the campus media outlets I always worked for.

Click on image for more.

I’ve been in my job for four years, and I’m not sick of it yet. And yet, the new space did something to kickstart some kind of deep-seeded happiness for me. It’s not the kind of happy I wear in a smile or that comes out as I hop up and down. It’s more an inner joy, some kind of “Things are right” feeling.

Plus, my previous office was not me. I never took the time to really bring my own things for the walls. I didn’t have too many photos. And it was the ugliest color–light tan on three walls, a dark melon on the fourth.

I snapped this right after IT set up my computers. WINDOW.

My new office is half the size of my previous office–which is fine, I don’t require a lot of space–and IT HAS A WINDOW. Which is basically the greatest thing on the planet (it’s the little things …) I immediately brought more things to decorate the office: lamps, so I wouldn’t need to rely on awful overhead lights (honestly, that’s 1/2 the reason I’ve been feeling so good lately, I know it); my degree and some awards I’ve won; a memory board; a framed Donald Duck puzzle my best friend put together for me years ago.

Near my monitors and around my desk, tiny figures greet me: Tyrion Lannister, Gus Fringe, a Donald Duck bobble head, two minions, Snow White, a skull paper weight my brother painted. These toys moved from my last office, too, but they somehow look better here. The rest of the office is more me, so these guys fit a little better, too.

Plus, moving made me throw out more than half my crap. I don’t refer to files very often, and as I packed up my previous space, I recycled three binfuls of paper. This space is much more sparse, and it’s neat. Guys, I am not a tidy person. It’s not not who I am. But this space, it’s tidy. Makes it seem more open, somehow, more calming, if that’s even possible.

Are you someone who thrives on change? Or does it make you nervous? What sorts of things do you do to your work space so it can bring you joy?



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