I’m Jaclyn Y. Garver. Nice to meet you.

When it comes to writing and editing, I’m something of a Jane-of-all-trades. My degree is in newspaper journalism, and I worked professionally as a features writer for eight years. I also have five years of strategic marketing experience in higher education.

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My specialty is tight, conversational copy that is geared toward your audience, and I write everything in AP Style*. I excel at eliminating jargon and transforming difficult-to-grasp copy into easy-to-understand prose.

I gravitate toward stories about relationships, developmental disabilities, food, and personality profiles, though my experience ranges from fashion and religion to pop culture and the Midwest.

I am well-versed in WordPress and have written for or helmed seven professional and personal blogs since 2005. I have also edited master’s theses, not-for-profit grant proposals, and novel-length manuscripts. I’m especially proud of the editing and coaching work I did for a friend who got into the FBI.

I am deadline-driven, dependable, and self-motivated, perhaps best seen in Jac & Elsie LLC. I started the handmade, upcycled, and vintage jewelry shop in my one-bedroom apartment in 2009 and am the sole employee/owner. I am in charge of not just jewelry design and creation, but product photography and description, marketing, SEO keywords, customer service, and shipping and handling. I have a five-star feedback rating and have seen sales to 20+ countries.

A Jac & Elsie best-seller. “These necklaces are so beautiful, and I can’t wait to give them to my friends. I ordered a small size, and Jaclyn was kind enough to let me exchange them. She even sent me a Christmas card, which made it more personal. Will shop from her in the future. Such a nice caring lady.” ~Aubrey G., Indiana

I’m based in northeast Indiana but have called a variety of spots home. I’m comfortable with and thrive on change, and I would love to hear about your freelance or contract job opportunities. If you’re looking for a copy writer, blogger, essayist/columnist, poet, or editor, shoot me a note at jyouhana@gmail.com.

* Except the Oxford comma. I use it always, unless you hire me and tell me not to do so.


I want to hear what you think!

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